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Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a mutually beneficial partnership between a farm and the people who consume the food it produces. Read more... How Farm Membership Works: Organically grown produce, fresh out of the garden -- share sizes available to suit your family needs. Members of the CSA at Maysie's Farm are able to purchase share sizes.... Read more...
A Brief History of Maysie's Farm: "My family moved out to the country in the early 1950's. In those days, much of Chester County could accurately be called 'country..." Read more... A Short Bio of Sam Cantrell, founder of Maysie's Farm Conservation Center: "I consider myself a conservationist and I feel that conservation is education..." Read more...
How You Can Help: Maysie's Farm is always looking for a few good volunteers, and donations of materials. Click here if you can help! Maysie's Farm Blog, Fresh from the Field, is chock full of the latest farm news, recipes, links, photos, and ideas for how to use the delicious organic produce we grow, interviews, and other items. Click here to read the latest. Plus, see what the press is saying about Maysie's Farm and organic farming.

We are always looking for good interns — E-mail Sam Cantrell for more information or to apply.

For more information about Maysie's Farm, contact us:

Sam Cantrell, Maysie's Farm, 15 St. Andrew's Lane, Glenmoore, PA 19343
telephone: 610-458-8129 | e-mail:
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