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The Sustainable Agriculture Internship Program is a hands-on educational opportunity for interested people to participate in organic farming and learn practices of sustainable agriculture, conservation, and ecological resource management. They greatly increase their understanding of these subjects by working on a farm that is educationally oriented. They come to understand soil fertility practices, crop rotation principles, organic pest control, and other aspects of the art and science of growing great vegetables. Additionally, they participate in the development of a community focused on a local, organic food supply and observe firsthand the benefits of its community spirit.

Through their experience at Maysie's Farm, interns improve their opportunities for career advancement in organic agriculture and the environmental field. They will carry the essence of the Maysie's Farm experience with them and disseminate it to the other individuals and communities they encounter in their lives. We expect to serve as mentors to those interns who embark on their own agricultural enterprises, as has been the case with many of our past students.

We coordinate the Sustainable Agriculture Internship Training Alliance (SAITA) of Southeastern PA, a cooperative effort of fourteen organic farms. Interns, farmers and volunteers gather at a different farm twice each month for a Saturday and Sunday workshop and farm tour. In addition, once a month, there is classroom training consisting of lectures on various topics of interest. This program is designed to give interns (and farmers) the opportunity to increase their knowledge of sustainable agriculture principles, broaden their exposure to different farming practices, and create a network of other interns and farmers with whom they can develop supportive relationships.