Green Haven Farm

Green Haven Farm is a grass-based farm that is committed to raising healthy, nutritious food that is good for the land, ecology, and community. The farmers, Brian and Holley Moyer, believe that while they are caretakers of this little piece of earth, they have a great responsibility to it and the community at large. They raise poultry, sheep and dairy goats all on pasture on their 27 acre farm. The animals are moved regularly so they are always on fresh grass.

Grass-based farming means livestock are raised on grass and not confined. By doing this the animals are happy and healthy, so they rarely have to use any medications. It is now a proven fact that grass fed meat is much healthier then meat that has never seen the light of day. Grass fed meat is higher in omega-3 fatty acid, conjugated lineolic acid (CLA) and beta carotene.

Brian and Holley welcome visitors and enjoy talking about their farm, so feel free to contact them at

See the weekly sign-up sheet in the distribution area of the barn for prices and delivery dates.

Pleasant Pastures Organic Acres

Pleasant Pastures Organic Acres is owned by Amish farmer Ben Stoltzfus and his family. They offer a variety of raw dairy products, such as milk, butter, sour cream, yogurt, cheese, and buttermilk, as well as meats. Ordering information and a sign-up sheet are in the barn; be sure to look for it during your weekly visit!